Frederiek Simons (1996) lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She studied TxT (textile) at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Design.

She works with various media, which do not just function as her instruments, but also form the subject of her work. She aims to research how media, the ‘lenses’ through which we perceive the world, influence our gaze. She does so by exploring their boundaries, generating cross-pollination, and allowing their specific nature to conduct the creative process.

Textiles, and weaving in particular, especially fascinate her. Not only does she find meaning in touching materials with her hands, repeating the same action for a long period of time, and watching the slow transformation from raw materials into something tangible, but also in engaging with a long tradition of textile making. Because they have been around for decades, textiles have influenced the stories we tell each other, the way we communicate, the way we identify ourselves, the way we express ourselves, even the way we think - let Plato's weaving analogy to describe the ideal 'statesman', i.e. the ultimate philosopher, bear witness of that.

By unraveling those influences and interlacing them in new ways so that they form a structure of their own, Frederiek tries to get a grip of larger subjects, such as our relation with materials and technology, the self vs. the other, the agency of things, and the role of language (in its broadest sense) - for textiles en language are intricately interlinked.

"[…] and finally a veritable touching of the touch, when my right hand touches my left hand while it is palpating the things, where the 'touching subject' passes over to the rank of the touched, descends into the things, such that the touch is formed in the midst of the world and as it were in the things." – Maurice Merleau-Ponty