Performative dinner conversation for four / sound installation.

During Violetta‘s two-month artist residency at State of Concept in Athens where I was working at the time, we met several times to exchange artistic and personal ideas over mezedes (Greek appetizers). Sharing a mutual feeling of being a “parasite” in Athens, we wanted to bring our discussions to a space of liquid thoughts and invite other inhabitants of the city to join us.

On the day of the “Last Supper” (Maundy Thursday), as a Mezedes meal on the Ilissos, we served an alternative 6-course-menu consisting of questions and quotes from interviews with scientists, articles and books from philosophers and their conversations. By asking ourselves if an exchange could become an artwork, re-examining our relationship to water and sharing our interpretations of parasitism, we invited the river to become our fifth dinner guest.

This work was developed in collaboration with Lena Violetta Leitner and presented at State of Concept, as part of Where is the river? web2.jpg web.jpg to Mezedes on the Ilissos-1.jpg to Mezedes on the Ilissos-2.jpg