A set of postcards and poetry reading.

In collaboration with State of Concept Athens, I created a set of 'cartes postales' featuring poems on the theme of exile, along with rearticulated embroidery motifs from Anafi and other Aegean Islands (18th-19th century). We spread the postcards across local shops on Anafi, free to be taken home by locals as well as visitors, and to be fanned out over different physical and psychological locations - an instance of migration that could function as a reminder of the distance travelled by the poems' subjects and the embroidery motifs that accompany them.

Part of the project For the Exilius Mind, curated by State of Concept Athens for φαινόμενα, a one-week program of contemporary art on Anafi, Greece, July 5–12, 2021. Photos by Alexandra Masmanidi.

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-53_Postcards WEB.jpg