1. Wool fabric, knitted on a single-bed digital knitting machine.
2. Sublimation printed polyester, lurex, cotton, wool, and nylon fabric, hand-woven on a table loom.
3. Cotton fabric, hand-woven on a digital Jacquard loom.

An attempt to capture the moment when information gets lost and when things become illegible. A research into the ‘in between state’ of things: in between shapes and moments in time, making sense vs. making nonsense and conveying vs. not conveying certain information. Starting points were a sock from my best friend, a scarf from my hometown's football club, a tablecloth, a tourist scarf from Rome and my first written story about a sunflower.

This work was shown at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show July 3–7, 2019 and at Studio Textielfestival October – December 2021. Made possible in part by Corrie van Eijk from Digital Weaving.

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-42_weave zonnebloem WEB.jpg