A multi media installation, evolving around three textile works that are presented on scrolls powered by stepper motors. 1) cotton fabric, hand-woven on a digital Jacquard loom. 2) sublimation printed polyester, lurex, cotton, wool, and nylon fabric, hand-woven on a table loom. 3) wool fabric, knitted on a single-bed digital knitting machine.

An attempt to simulate the transformation of objects, caused by phenomena such as the passing of time, the natural elements, (careless) human gestures, and interpretation. More specifically, an attempt to capture the moment when information gets lost - when things become 'illegible'. It is the outcome of a research into the ‘in between state’ of things: in between shapes, moments in time, making sense and making nonsense, conveying and not conveying certain information.

Several objects formed a starting point, such as a sock from my best friend, a scarf from my hometown's football club, a tourist scarf from Rome, and my first story that I wrote and illustrated about a sunflower when I was five.

This work was shown at the Gerriet Rietveld Academie, during the Graduation Show 2019 from 3 until 7 July. Photos of the installation by Public Rietveld.

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