A project that has become a research into lines, rhizomes, and threads. What started with drawing without much thought, but influenced by the music I was putting on: a strongly emotional Dutch song which translates as "Blood, sweat, and tears", soon became a research into the elements that came out of these drawings. An important subject became 'the rhizome' and gradually, I started realizing that my research had been following the same route as its subject. Just like a rhizome, it had been expanding in all directions, on all kinds of levels - from making to thinking, smoothing the way for many more connections.

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-15_EPSON288 copy.jpg

Pencil and crayons on paper

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-15_EPSON287 copy.jpg

Ink and pencil on paper

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-15_EPSON290 copy.jpg

Pencil and raw turmeric on paper

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-15_EPSON289 copy.jpg

Collage with photograph and pencil and raw turmeric on paper


A screen shot of two pictures that I have taken and have been linked by coincidence

http://frederieksimons.com/files/gimgs/th-15_Photo on 11-30-17 at 10_53 AM #3 copy.jpg

A photograph displayed on the cracked screen of an iphone


Installation with a video played on the cracked screen of an iphone, placed behind turmeric dyed cotton


Acrylics and photo-etching on turmeric dyed cotton


Etching on cotton


Turmeric dyed cotton embroidered with Aspen leaves; a type of tree that is the 'shoot' of one big rhizomatic stand and is therefore genetically identical to all the trees that surround it. Its leaves produce an intense fluttering sound in the wind.


An embossed piece of textile


Left: PVC plastic sheet pressed onto weave of turmeric dyed cotton. Right: skein of turmeric dyed cotton