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Patchwork made from non-saleable jeans and fabric made from recycled denim fibres. Locally dyed with Recycrom™, a coloured powder dyestuff made from post-industrial textile waste (colour ‘navy blue’).

The work is based on the notion of 17th - 20th century samplers: rectangular pieces of fabric, embroidered with figures, motifs, the alphabet and decorative borders that served as a means for girls to demonstrate their sewing skills. For this sampler 2.0, instead of imitation and reproduction that were the underlying values of the traditional sampler as well as the present-day textile industry, I relied on the techniques and the material itself to lead the making process. A unique and multi-layered, multi-shaded, and textural whole was growing underneath my hands as I was 'travelling' from one patch to the next, connecting the remnants of industrially produced jeans through a process of unravelling the yarns and weaving, knotting, and sewing them back into the fabric.

The result could be viewed as a celebration of textile handicrafts, showing a glimpse into the endless possibilities of adapting existing materials by using one’s own hands and simple equipment such as a weaving frame or a needle.