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An essay collection that consists of two parts that meet each other in the middle: 'The Lines' and 'Between the Lines.'

The Lines is a collection of four essays reflective of the nature of writing in which the discussion of writing’s coupling to matter, tools, and surfaces plays an essential role. The text focuses on the relation between the act of writing and how we experience ourselves, the world, and “the other”, as well as concepts such as the passing of time, recording, historical consciousness, power, the form of text and textiles. Between the Lines is a collection of two essays that deal with the formation of meaning, the unsayable, holes, intervals, love, and poetry.

Overall, The word lines keep you in time is a personal and playful approach to rhetorical and associative thinking, doubting, interpreting, exploring, wondering and, of course, writing.

Graphic design by Medeina Musteikyte and Dirk Verweij.