In the spring of 2022, I got to know Vienna-based artist Lena Violetta Leitner when she came to Athens for a residency at the art space where I was working. We met up a couple of times for mezedes –Greek appetizers– to talk about our experiences of working in the cultural sector, being a foreigner in the city, the (vanished) rivers of Athens, and parasites. When we realised that the old Greek word parasitos means 'a person who eats at the table of another', we asked ourselves if a dinner conversation can become an artwork. Hence, we organised a dinner to take place on the day of the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) in the riverbed of the nearly dried up Ilissos river, and we invited two other inhabitants of the city to join in. As “food for thought”, we served a 6-course-menu consisting of questions, thoughts, associations, and quotes from interviews with scientists and (Greek) philosophers, alongside our favourite mezedes.

 ︎︎︎ Many thanks to Anastassia Papadima and Giorgos Tsiongas.