I am a visual artist, weaver, researcher, and writer based in Amsterdam. My work takes cues from chance observations, personal exchanges, or invitations, and it gets further shape through a combination of material and theoretical research. Textile, both as a method and a metaphor, is thereby a recurring element. The aforementioned process leads to carefully executed textile objects, texts, installations, or gatherings, which challenge dichotomies such as art/craft, theory/practice, masculine/feminine, thinking/doing, and digital/material.
I studied TXT (text and textile) at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and I am currently pursuing a MARes in Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam. I have exhibited and developed work in collaboration with established artists and within various international and Dutch contexts, such as the Icelandic Textile Center, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, State of Concept in Athens, Yael Davids, and Lena Violetta Leitner. I also have a CELTA degree and work as an English and Dutch teacher.