Frederiek Simons      artist, weaver, writer

On Google and Instagram, search terms such as “Bauhaus style”, "Bauhaus table cloth” and “Anni Albers” result in a mix of depictions of original Bauhaus designs and colourful products with geometric shapes – from tote bags to phone covers and entire interiors, selfies taken at exhibitions, and Bauhaus-inspired works by artists, fashion designers, and amateurs. A hundred years after the beginning of the Bauhaus, a notion arises that the term “Bauhaus” no longer (only) carries the intended reference to its initial founders, but has taken on an additional, more eclectic meaning due to the characteristics of the Internet. I have literally woven the aforementioned results into a set of kitchen towels, using specific qualities of weaving practice in the tradition of the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop. For a long time, women were only allowed to enter this course. They responded by developing innovative weaving techniques and putting the medium in the spotlight.

︎ Part of Rethinking Bauhaus, hosted by KABK, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and Stedelijk Museum. ︎ On view at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam [NL], 2019.