Frederiek Simons (b. 1996 NL) is an artist, weaver, educator, and occasional writer. She works across and connects multiple disciplines, often involving textile art forms such as weaving and embroidery. Her works depart from her personal life or situations that get overlooked easily. Through research, she attempts to get to the essence of her subjects and the larger themes they touch upon; technology, language and gender, to name a few. She translates the outcomes into meticulously executed physical (textile) artworks, texts, installations, or exchanges with other people.
Her works have been exhibited in several Dutch and Greek cities and her writing has been published in art magazines, both online and in-print. In 2019 she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in the direction TxT (text and textile). Since then, she has collaborated with various cultural institutions and artists, such as Lena Violetta Leitner, Yael Davids, State of Concept Athens, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. She works and lives within a long-legged triangle of cities whose names start with an A: Arnhem, Amsterdam, and Athens. She also works as a language teacher.