Frederiek Simons      artist, weaver, writer

How do the food we consume and the shape of the table we gather around inform what and how we come to know? How do they affect our social relations and society at large? And in what ways can food and eating together be the motor for the production of “other knowledges” and, ultimately, for change?

To think along these questions with us (a group of rMA students), we invited people with various artistic and/or social practices centred around food to gather around the table and share a meal.

︎ Co-organisers: Elisabetha Engel, Iva Micanovic, Eleni Pantelaras, Rebecca Russo, Julia Stoll, Josefina Sundblad, Giorgos Tsiongas, Elaine Zuo. With: Tabili, Ann-Sophie Gehrig.
︎ Hosted at De Sering, Amsterdam [NL].