Frederiek Simons      artist, weaver, writer

How to deal with time during a lockdown? How does the slowness of textile techniques relate to the quick character of  iphone snapshots?

During the Covid-19 lockdowns in Greece, it was obligatory for all citizens to send a text message to an official number upon leaving the house. The message had to state one’s name and a number, standing for one the six allowed types of metakínisi, meaning commute or movement.

Texting my name and the number 6 allowed me to go on a walk of max. two hours around my neighbourhood, as a form of “individual exercise”. During these daily walks, I took photos of things that caught my eye; a napkin on the ground, a beautiful door, graffiti on corrugated sheet metal... Back at home, I translated these observations into embroideries on cotton I had dyed with household products.

︎ On view at Culture Channel, Cheapart Athens, 2020 [GR].