In collaboration with State of Concept, I created a set of postcards. Each colorful card features a selected poem relating in one way or another to the theme of exile, along with rearticulated embroidery motifs from Anafi and other Aegean Islands (see: Tracing Aegean Textiles). The kart postál –the Greek word itself has migrated from French– were especially created for the Phenomena art festival. On the second day of the festival, we read the poems aloud at Margerita’s tavern. We also spread the postcards across local shops on Anafi, free to be taken home by locals, as well as visitors, and to be fanned out over different physical and psychological locations. An instance of migration that could function as a reminder of the distance travelled by the poems' subjects and the embroidery motifs that accompany them, as well as the exiles that were banished to Anafi during the anti-communist Metaxas regime (1936-1941).

︎ Presented at the Phenomena festival organised by the Association Phenomenon [GR].